• Sintered Bronze Bushes

    Half Shell Bearings & Bushes
    Sintered Bronze Bushes are used for High Speed application (upto 18000 rpm) Iron Sintered
    Bushes are used for speed (upto 3000 rpm).
  • Half Shell Bearings & Bushes
    Graphite Filled bronze

    The High Tensile Manganese Bronze Bushes are mainly used in applications of high load &
    moderate speed and can withstand the temperature up to 450oC.
  • Half Shell Bearings & Bushes
    Dry Bushes & Washers

    It is a Composite Material Consisting of three layers Viz. Steel backing
    (Low Carbon Steel). A Porous Bronze (90% Cu & 10% Sn) Sintered
    matrix Overlaid with a mixture of PTFE (Poly tetra fluro Ethylene)
    and Lead.
  • Half Shell Bearings & Bushes
    Wrapped Bronze Bushes

    Rolled (wrapped) bronze bushings is perforated for better lubrication and longer
    performance. The holes provide extra lubrication storage which extends the
    lubrication maintenance intervals.
  • Half Shell Bearings & Bushes
    Ball Cage Bushes

    This is copper based material, on which the rollers are arranged orderly in certain angle and intervals.
    The steel ball array is mainly divided into two categories: spiral array and straight line array.

Bearing & Bush Co.

Bearing & Bush Co. was established in 1997. BBC offers BUSHES & PARTS made out from, SINTERED BRONZE (SELF LUBRICATING), MDU/MDX (Dry Bushes & washers) GRAPHITE FILLED BRONZE BUSHES & PLATES,WRAPPED BRONZE BUSHES, BI-METAL BUSHES, NON FERROUS BUSHES. (Gun Metal, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze etc.) HALF SHELL BUSH BEARING.

Our Product Range

Our Main Speciality is to Cater Requirements with immediate delivery and close dimensional accuracy. Due to vast range many standard bushes / washers are available in ready stock. BBC stands guarantee for material composition & workmanship which is the Essential factor in serving engineering industries.
Half Shell Bearings & Bushes

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